Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real #NeverGiveUp with thoughts from Grapplers Quest Founder, Brian Cimins

Grapplers Quest Logo with FEAR Quote

Grapplers Quest Logo with FEAR Quote

GRAPPLING HISTORY FLASHBACK…It’s December 2, 2000 North American Grappling Association (NAGA) North American Championships and after facing Randy “The Savage” Rowe in a historically violent grappling match, which ended in an unnecessary and potentially life threatening injury, I was left to deal with the lifelong physical battle, I was destined to win.

I wrote another blog about some of the Kipp Kollar and NAGA scandal involving this incident and it’s wonderful lesson of Forgiveness to those who try to strike you down here: www.yourstrategycoach.com/2013/05/14/forgiveness-and-healing-from-emotional-and-physical-scars-my-journey-to-become-a-brazilian-jiu-jitsu-black-belt

Back to my first appointment with the Surgeon who wanted to place a steel rod in my back back in January 2001…

“Your T-9 and T-10 vertabrae are shattered Mr. Cimins”

“You have numerous herniations and disk ruptures in your neck and lower back”

“You will need surgery and a steel bar”,

“You will never grapple or compete again”

“You could have easily been paralyzed or dead”

These were the words uttered by Back Surgeons, Pain Management Specialists and Chiropractors alike.  All of my dreams of fighting professionally were suddenly ripped from me and I was in physical rehabilitation to learn to walk properly.  Dragging my right leg behind me, I was unable to safely drive, so my father, Paul Cimins drove me to work for nearly 2 months.  Like Bruce Lee’s life experience, I knew back in 2001, that my mind needed more development and my suffering’s purpose would be revealed.  The key is to never accept temporary defeat as failure and refuse to let false evidence appearing real to terrorize you.  Learn to lean into your fears and face them boldly and more bravely than you ever thought possible in life. I set out through pain and suffering to prove to the world that their faith and belief in God could overcome any challenge in life.  If it wasn’t for my faith, I wouldn’t have made it through it all.  God willing, I was able to compete on five separate occasions since this injury with years of physical therapy on my journey towards my Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  I look forward to training for a lifetime with Nick Recanati and Xtreme Gracie and as many local friends of Grapplers Quest along the way as possible to fill in the training gaps.

Here was my first match back competing in December 2005 at the American International World Grappling Games in California

Back to the beginning.

Submission Grappling Tournaments were non-existent when I started training in martial arts back in 1994, the same year I graduated high school.  Within two years of training at Rising Sun Martial Arts in Lyndhurst, New Jersey with Jerry Jones, Nick Recanati and Peter Tuccino, I was already helping seeking out “friendly academy challenge tournaments” and started co-hosting tournaments with other local academies towards the end of 1995.  At Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, my friends and I used to have sparring matches in the College Dorm general area nicknamed “The Octagon” because of Glass windows were three quarters of an octagon and everyone could watch us.  After getting in trouble for some injuries, we created America’s First Grappling Club Approved by a College in September 1995.  The College brought their wrestling mat into an old racquetball court #2, who’s floor was damaged from a leaking ceiling.  We didn’t care, this was OUR training center.  Wrestlers, Kung Fu, Street Fighters, Judo and friends alike came to train in Mixed Martial Arts and at that time in my life, I was the instructor.  In college, the one person who I helped introduce Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was Matt Stern, who went on to become a Black Belt under Master Renzo Gracie, one of the most challenging feats in the grappling world.  Next time you see Matt Stern, please ask him about his first “roll” with Brian Cimins for a funny story.

20130726164543_bannerNEW2_2013Looking back, I’ve instructed some amazing young athletes who have far surpassed my Jiu Jitsu accolades and abilities by far, now I could take my kids to train under them.  Some of my proudest students from those young Rising Sun days, where I would drive 5 hours every weekend to teach the children with Peter Tuccino on Fridays and Saturdays plus Private Lessons included a 5-year-old, Mike Trasso (www.MichaelTrasso.com), a 7-Year-Old Fabian Rojas (now a BJJ Black Belt instructor) and David Recanati.  There were students of ours that went on to become Ivy League Doctors, Lawyers, Inventors, Scientists, Public Speakers, Community Organizers, Charity Volunteers and even Grappling Tournament Promoters.

I enjoyed learning from the fighters and MMA coaches, but I more enjoyed my time teaching the children with “Mr. T”, aka Shihan Peter A. Tuccino, who helped me develop my confidence in public speaking since I stepped in his doors back in June 1994.  I watched that man along with the wise and loyal friends and instructors he brings around him transform lives of thousands of people.  Teaching someone martial arts is helping them develop the mind, body and spirit and I was lucky to have found three great instructors who helped cultivate my lifelong passion of martial arts, along with the strong mind to face life’s many challenges.  Thank you to all of the instructors who helped me along my Quest in Martial Arts and Spiritual Warriorship.  God Bless and protect you and all of the amazing people you’ve positively affected in life.  #NeverGiveUp and remember that “FEAR is usually an illusion surviving only in your mind 99% of the time” – Brian Cimins of YourStrategyCoach.com and Founder of Grapplers Quest Worldwide at: GrapplersQuest.com

“SUBMISSION is a FEELING” Parable Highlight Video featuring Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu vs. Bill “The Grill” Cooper with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Pastor, FRANK MULLIS

“SUBMISSION is a FEELING” Parable Highlight Video featuring Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu vs. Bill “The Grill” Cooper with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Pastor, FRANK MULLIS

‘Submission is a Feeling’ by BJJ Black Belt Pastor Frank Mullis
Parable Sermon about Grappling and Submitting to God

Listen to Pastor Frank Mullis LIVE at Devereux Baptist Church Devereux, Georgia: www.facebook.com/pages/Devereux-Baptist-Church or Train with him in BJJ at: TrainWithMAMMA.com

Train with World’s Best Grappler, Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu at FightSports Headquarters in Miami, Florida, get details at: MiamiBJJCenter.com

Robert Cyborg Abreu vs. Bill The Grill Cooper at Grapplers Quest California 2009

Robert Cyborg Abreu vs. Bill The Grill Cooper at Grapplers Quest California 2009

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Great Positive Attitude and Self Esteem Quote for Women and Girls by Lucia Cimins – positive self image and outlook on world is our choice.

Quote for Confidence

Quote for Confidence

Lucia Lee Cimins of WomenOnlyMagazine.com

Musician, Artist, Writer, Fashion Designer and Stylist

My beautiful, talented and amazing wife, Lucia Lee Cimins never ceases to impress me. Within the last month, she has completely transformed and organized our home into a more Zen-like peaceful living quarters, she picked back up her mastery of the art of custom jewelry making and the driving force behind the development and launch of the new “Women Only Magazine” which will help enrich and empower the lives of women worldwide for generations to come, including our 5-year-old daughter, Kaylee Paige Cimins.

I personally look forward to reading the articles by mothers for fellow moms looking to improve their lives, reduce stress and anxiety, improve their relationship with the kids, how to romance your husband, exercise and diet advice, parental emotional intelleigence training and tons of fashion, beauty and hair care advice from some of the industry’s experts through New Jersey and the Tri-State area.

Without further ado…here’s Lucia’s first personal branding image and great Positive Attitude and Self Image Quote for Women and Girls by Lucia Cimins – “Our positive self image and outlook on the world is our daily choice. Choose wisely and live boldly each day”

“Our positive self image and outlook on the world is our daily choice. Choose wisely and live boldly each day” – Lucia Cimins of WomenOnlyMagazine.com and Custom Jewelry and Fashion Design at:Facebook.com/CosmetologyTips

Thank You Pharrell Williams – “Happy” Official Animated Music Video for KidsCanMeditate.com and Meditate With Me

Thank You Pharrell Williams – “Happy” Official Animated Music Video for KidsCanMeditate.com and “Meditate With Me” Storybook and Audio Home School Family Meditation Series.

Are you truly happy? What does happiness mean to you? These are important questions to ask yourself when starting your Quest for Happiness and enlightenment in life.  Finding your center of peace through meditation, relieving stress, anxiety and mood disorders with ease rather than dangerous medications for depression or sleep disorders.  It’s a lifetime journey to find your natural cures and treatments and now kids can learn to love the benefits of meditation starting as young as two years old.  Check out free video samples of Guided Meditations, Sleep Hypnosis Storybooks, Healing Tones and Relaxing Music at: KidsCanMeditate.com

Christian Meditation Quote – “You can fly but the cocoon’s gotta go” by Brian Cimins, Children’s Storybook Author of Meditate With Me Series

You can fly but the cocoon's gotta go - Brian Cimins

You can fly but the cocoon’s gotta go – Brian Cimins

Christian Meditation Quote – “You can fly but the cocoon’s gotta go” by Brian Cimins, Children’s Storybook Author of Meditate With Me Series

“You can fly but the cocoon’s gotta go” – Brian CiminsAuthor of “Meditate With Me” Book and Audio Storybook, Guided Meditations and Healing Tones and Music at: KidsCanMeditate.comand YourStrategyCoach.com

Here’s a new Christian Meditation Quote I released on Sunday, March 22, 2015 inspired by listening to a sermon at St. Mary’s Church in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey. I’ve had some of my best conversations about true spirituality of my life with the Franciscan Monks at St. Mary’s Church, Monastary and Christian School.  In sharp contrast to many of the arrogant church leaders who turn off many potential followers of the teachings of the Bible, I am always comforted by the weekly sermons.  As with the many Sunday sermons I’ve enjoyed, this one left me wanting to run home and share my thoughts, because I felt an epiphany on my relationship with God.

I love the Franciscan Monks open minded thinking, humble nature, wonderful Christ-like parable telling and Jedi-like knowledge and emotional balance offering helpful advice.  I have this type of experience every time I meet with them.  I remember specifically one meeting with Father Larry for nearly 4 hours, where I explained to him in detail all of my worldwide natural medicine cures.  I was uncomfortable about publicly speaking about my Ayahuasca participation in Peru at Spirit Quest with Howard Lawler (BioPark.org).  I was worried for years that people would judge me and I was worried that I had participated in a ritual or ceremony that would be defined in the bible as “unholy”.  My intentions of seeking natural medicine cures was due to severe sleep deprivation.  Worrying about seeking a cure through ceremony was my “guilt” ridden Catholic upbringing that was beating me down emotionally.  Before I started quoting Bible verses and explained what I thought I’d done wrong or against the Bible, Father Larry stopped me and said, “Did your experience down in Peru bring you closer to God?”

My response was quite candid, yet embarrassing in front of such a holy man, “Father, I don’t think I ever truly believed in God before I visited Peru and saw the unseen”.  I felt guilty about my lack of faith and belief my whole life until that very moment.  I continued to share stories of my visions and experiences and I shared with him some of the medical research behind the tremendous healing benefits, both physically and emotionally of Ayahuasca.  He never judged me. but rather encouraged me to continue on my Quest for the Natural Healing I pursued for myself and loved ones.  Father Larry complimented my bravery and asked me to start attending mass each week.  I’ve been attending ever since.

During my writing of Guided Christian Meditations recently for a new project for KidsCanMeditate.com, I have realized that Christian, true Bible-based blended with scientifically proven meditation techniques doesn’t truly yet exist and the world needs it now more than ever.  I look forward to releasing samples within the next few weeks or months.  Pay attention to the NEW Books and Storybooks available in the right column.  Remember that no one can ever truly judge your relationship to God, that’s for you and God alone, but don’t be afraid to speak to a minister or preacher.  Never let fear mongering or ego-based evangelical preaching of the past turn you away from God.  Those preachers may not be for you (although they have a purpose too), but keep searching for your teacher and until then keep reading the Bible and seeking your spiritual cultivation as you become who you were meant to be on this beautiful Earth.

Back to this quote, it’s time to let go of the past, forgive those who’ve harmed you and step out of your cocoon into a bright, beautiful and amazing future

Thank you for supporting our efforts, together, we are changing the world, one kinder and calmer mind at a time.

Your Meditation Coach,

Brian Cimins, Author of “Meditate With Me”


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Win-The-Crown-Grapplers-Quest-Theme-Song-So-Far-IDownload Official Theme Song of Grapplers Quest by So-Far-I – Hip Hop Soul Sountrack

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Lao Tzu Quote from Tao Te Ching Thoughts by Family Meditation Author and Sleep Hypnosis Expert, Brian Cimins

Lao Tzu Quote from Tao Te Ching Thoughts by Family Meditation and Sleep Hypnosis Specialist, Brian Cimins:



The Lao Tzu Quote Image pictured in this article is from one of the world’s most famous and mysterious ancient books, Tao Te Ching. It was written nearly 500 years before the birth of Jesus Christ for the history buffs out there. The Tao Te Ching is a uniquely short book of 81 short verses to live your life by. I spent nearly the last 2 years living my life this way by meditating on each verse for 20 minutes, once daily in the morning and again, one at night before dinner.

At just 38 years old, I can look back and realize that holding on to pain of the past held me back from becoming who I was meant to become. There was also Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of ridicule and fear of not fitting into the box everyone else wanted to paint me into held me back for years for exploring my true destiny. Several years back, I just stopped caring what naysayers would say and started focusing on the people who truly matter, my friends, family, readers, and fans worldwide. Haters will always pick apart who they cannot compete with in an attempt to knock the other person down to their level. Always remember that! Be original, be authentic, be yourself and SPEAK kindly to yourself internally. Let the world see your dream, feel your heart and experience your soul’s journey on this Earth. Never let another or fear hold you back from becoming who you were meant to!

Thank you for reading and supporting us always and forever, God Bless and Namaste.

Brian Cimins, Author of “Meditate with Me” Story Books and Family Meditation and Life Skils Audio Series


“Calm Their Minds, Heal The World”

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be – Lao Tzu

Graphics from “Meditate With Me” Storybook Author Brian Cimins available in audio and print versions on iTunes, Amazon.com, Google Play at KidsCanMeditate.com

Did Jesus Christ Meditate? Psalm 1:2 Meditation Quote – His delight is in the law of the LORD who meditates on it day and night – Meditate With Me by Brian Cimins


Did Jesus Christ Meditate? Psalm 1:2 Meditation Quote – His delight is in the law of the LORD who meditates on it day and night

Did Jesus practice meditation? Is meditating like deep prayer? Great questions. I’m not sure if Jesus meditated but if you read Psalm 1:2, it certainly would appear as if Jesus would have learned to master his mind throughout his short life. He obviously followed the Bible very closely, so why not?

Meditation is not religion, but many great spiritual leaders meditate twice daily, day and night. There are so many medical benefits, both mentally and physically, so why not try it for 30 days.

As parents, it’s never too late to help “Calm Their Minds and Heal the World”. Giving a child the gift of mental peace, enhanced creativity and improved healing sleep will help them live longer, happier and healthier lives. Isn’t that what we want for them? I wish someone had taught me meditation as a child. My mind would race so fast to the point, I would lock myself in my room and cover my head with a pillow to try to make it slow down. If you don’t help your child slow their racing minds, it could manifest into a serious health challenge or even possibly lead to mental illness, ADD, ADHD or many of the anxiety related difficulties.

Don’t let ignorant people tell you meditation is evil or the “devil’s art”, that’s nonsense fear tactics from people who don’t actually read the Bible. Some people don’t like what they experience when they close their eyes, because their minds are riddled with their sinful actions. If you can look in the mirror, you can meditate. Why is looking on the inside harder than looking at your outside? Meditation can be tremendously easy, fun to learn and massively beneficial health-wise…check this out:

You can practice simple-to-learn techniques with your kids and get the benefits too! medical benefits too. Please Join online for some Free samples of Guided Meditations, Yoga and Exercise for the Whole Family (ages 1+) at: KidsCanMeditate.com

Your Meditation Coach and Friend,
Brian Cimins


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Rest in Peace Young Warrior – Tribute to Nicholas Reca Recanati – Spiritual Warrior Called Early for Earth’s Final Battle for My Instructor Nick Recanati and His Family With LOVE from The Cimins Family

Nicholas had huge aspirations for his future, including an upcoming debut  MMA fight.  He impacted so many lives on and off the mat, which  included his passion for teaching youth.  His legacy will continue through the Nicholas “RECA” Recanati Memorial  Scholarship Fund.  100% of donations will be guaranteed for the use toward this  scholarship fund.

The Recanati  Family would like to thank you in advance with our deepest appreciation, in helping to  enrich the lives of youth in memory of our  beloved son.

In lieu of flowers or gifts, please donate to the “Nicholas Corrado Recanati III” Fund at: www.gofundme.com/ogbf0g – God Bless and heal everyone who knew this amazing young man

Tribute to Nicholas Reca Recanati – Spiritual Warrior Called Early for Earth’s Final Battle for My Instructor Nick Recanati and His Family With LOVE from The Cimins Family


Nicholas Recanati was born in Hackensack NJ and grew up in Windermere Florida. Nicholas began training and competing in Gracie Jiu Jitsu at the age of 6 under UFC Legend Royce Gracie. Nicholas went through all the traditional rankings for kids BJJ ranks and then was promoted by Royce Gracie to blue belt 2012. Nicholas has since trained with many UFC, WEC and world Champion BJJ practitioners like Geroge St-Pierre, Chuck Lidell, BJ Penn, Anthony “Showtime” Pettis, Matt Serria, Ben Saunders, Phil Davis, Bas Rutten, Rodrigo Gracie, Rafael Lovato Jr and Matt Arroyo. Nicholas held the rank of Purple Belt under Multi World Champion and ADCC Absolute Champion World Renowned BJJ Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu. Nicholas had an astounding Jiu Jitsu competition record of 137 wins and only 21 loses, with most notable wins being, 2 x UFC Fan Expo Teen Champion, 3 x IBJJF Florida State Champion, 11 x Grapplers Quest National Champion, 1 x National Naga Champion, 2 x Naga world Champion, 13 x Disney Martial Arts Grappling Champion. In addition to being an avid Jiu Jitsu competitor Reca was an amateur boxing back round with a 5 – 1 record. Nicholas took 2nd in the state of Florida Platinum Glove as an amateur boxer. Nicholas was  the Co-Owner and Head instructor for the Little Ninja and Warriors program at Xtreme Gracie/Fight Sports Jiu Jitsu and was an avid Jiu Jitsu competitor.  He was a legend at Grapplers Quest and someone I called a friend and my little brother.  God Bless and heal you all…Nicholas is now an angel to protect us for Earth’s final battle.




Incredible Hulk Meditating Cartoon Image – Kids Can Meditate Family Meditation Graphic Marvel Comics

Hulk meditates

Hulk meditates

Could Bruce Banner have learned Meditation to “Calm His Mind and Heal His World”?  

The Hulk is a fictional superhero that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #1 (May 1962). Throughout his comic book appearances, the Hulk is portrayed as a large green humanoid that possesses near limitless superhuman strength and great invulnerability, attributes that grow more potent the angrier he becomes. Hulk is the alter ego of Bruce Banner, a socially withdrawn and emotionally reserved physicist who physically transforms into the Hulk under emotional stress and other specific circumstances at will or against it; these involuntary transformations lead to many complications in Banner’s life. When transformed, the Hulk often acts as a disassociated personality separate from Banner. Over the decades of Hulk stories, the Hulk has been represented with several personalities based on Hulk and Banner’s fractured psyche, ranging from mindless savage to brilliant warrior, and Banner has taken control of the Hulk’s form on occasion.

Could Bruce Banner have learned Meditation to “Calm His Mind and Heal His World”?  Controlling anger, increasing patiences and mastering emotions are some of the tremendous benefits of Meditation.

Here are some others…



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